Grooming contract

Grooming Contract

Conditions under which pets are accepted for grooming:


The pet is fit and healthy. Grooming of sick or elderly pets is entirely at owner’s risk. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health problems for which I cannot be held liable.



It must be clearly understood and agreed that whilst every care and attention is given to your pet(s) they are accepted at the owner’s risk. My first concern is for the welfare of your pet so in the event of injury or illness, a vet may be called in and unless it can be clearly shown that I am liable, all costs in connection with and in the carrying out of the vets instruction, shall be at the owner’s expense. I recommend pet insurance.


Payment will be made on collection of the pet and in cash, I no longer accept cheques. Estimates are based on an average pet of the breed or type but owners must remember that some pets will require extensive extra work and that this will be charged for on an hourly basis and owners must collect pets at the time stated. Pets collected late will be charged a sitting fee.

Matted dogs / Shave off

Shaving off a pets coat due to them being severely matted will dramatically change their appearance and the hair will be very short and close to the skin. This may expose pre-existing skin complaints. Your written permission may be required to shave off a matted coat.

Aggressive dogs

I reserve the right to refuse a pet that presents a risk of injury to itself or myself.



I require 24 hours notice for cancelling an appointment or I will charge accordingly. I have a long cancellation list and with 24 hour notice, I usually can arrange for someone else to benefit from your cancelled appointment. Less than that and it is more difficult to fit someone in. Less than 24 hours notice will be charged for (50% of your full groom price.)



Please be punctual. I run an appointment system and to allow me to keep to my policy of one dog (family of dogs) in the salon at a time, it is important that my customers respect the drop off and collection times given. If you are late dropping off your dog it may be necessary to rebook if I do not have sufficient time to complete you dogs groom. If you are late to collect your dog, you are then taking the time of my next customer. Many of my customers use my services specifically because I groom dogs on an individual basis. Some dogs are nervous in a larger salon, or have aggression issues with other dogs for example which is why they come to me. I will charge for late collections (currently £5 per half hour) and if the lateness means that my following customers dog cannot be groomed, you will be charged for their groom too as this is a loss of my income.  


If you are aware that your pet has fleas, please do not bring it into the salon. Please use and maintain a flea protection programme. If a pet arrives with a flea infestation you will be charged an additional fee. This is to cover the cost of a flea shampoo (which is only a temporary solution) and the cost of flea treating my salon.



These do not affect your statutory rights.