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About Stylish Canines


My dog grooming studio was established in 2010 and is run from home in our fully insured, secure and heated, converted garage which is fully equipped with a large hydro-bath which has a number of water settings from a very gentle spray for pup's, mini's or nervous dogs to a relaxing massage setting which penetrates even the thickest of coats and massages the skin which stimulates the blood supply which is very beneficial. It also has a door and step so that larger breeds such as GSD's, Newfoundland's and even Great Danes can easily walk in and out of, variable dryers which can be adjusted to a very low, gentle setting, which is very beneficial to dogs that have a fear of noise, adjustable electric table which lowers to allow larger breeds to step easily onto, a range of professional grooming shampoos and coat treatments to suit all coat types and these are also available to purchase from me. Many of my clients are elderly or nervous dogs and most respond very well to a one to one grooming session where attention is totally focused on them. I have lots of patience, passion (and cuddles) when it comes to grooming and work very hard to try and build up a dogs confidence to make grooming an enjoyable experience for them. (Of course some dogs will always see a grooming session as something they would rather not do but I aim to make it as pleasant an experience as possible). I am a very lucky person to be able to work in a job that I absolutely adore and can assure you that each dog that enters my salon is treated as well as I treat my own. Please feel free to call for advice, any questions or to book an appointment. Take a look at the customer reviews page too as I feel that recommendations are very important. The following is a bit of information about me :) 


 About me

Prior to running Stylish Canines I was fortunate enough to work for a dog grooming salon in Weston-super Mare for two years.

I worked at a dog groomers / pet shop in Birmingham for two years.

I also attended the Warwickshire college of Agriculture on a small animal care course and prior to this worked at an animal rescue centre for three years.

In addition to this I have achieved an NVQ level 2 intermediate dog grooming certificate.
Stylish Canines Dog Grooming Studio in Weston Super Mare was a prize winning runner up for Animology's online Groomer Of The Month competition in April 2012 with Lorraine's groom on Martha the Border Terrier and also in June 2012 with Lorraine's groom on Sunny the Miniature Poodle.
I attended a Canine massage workshop  in September 2012 with Canine Massage Therapy        


In February 2012 Stylish Canines was selected to receive the 'Groomers Salon Spotlight Award'. 
   In August 2013 I entered my first national dog grooming competition and was awarded best in my group 'debutante' with a gorgeous Yorkie x Maltese named Leo.


I am also proud to be a member of the English Groomers Group
I attended a First aid in the grooming salon training day at Canine Design Academy of Grooming in November 2013


In 2015 Stylish Canines was presented with the Scoots Headlines Award- Sole trader, regional Gold winner.

                                                                                            My furry babies

                ruby and daisy     

This is our fur baby Daisy. She is an Old English Sheepdog and as you can see was already becoming accustomed to being groomed at the tender age of 10 weeks old and thoroughly enjoys it (especially the drying part as she can have a nap). She has grown very quickly in such a short time and turned 1 year old in October 2014 but still loves to be groomed and will jump on the table at any opportunity for a brush and a cuddle.

My fur baby angels

 Penny and Copper

 I used to help as often as I could volunteering for Greyhound rescue West of England (and Retired Greyhound Trust - Perry Barr when living in Birmingham) with my gorgeous Greyhound Penny who joined our family in 2004 and was always keen to show everyone just how wonderful, kind and gentle Greyhounds are. Very sadly our beautiful Penny passed away in 2011 following an accident. Also pictured is our beautiful boy Copper, a Collie cross who joined our family in 1998 and was very much a Peter Pan in dog form as no one ever believed how old he was. Very sadly Copper passed away in 2012 at the grand old age of 16. Our furry babies are hugely missed by us all.


This is our gorgeous girl Ruby. She is a Retired racing Greyhound and joined our family in November 2011. Ruby was a very quiet girl who (as most Greyhounds do) loved her bed but she very much loved cuddles too.
Sadly my gorgeous Ruby doo passed away in February  (2016) following a short battle with cancer. She is greatly missed and has left  huge hole in my heart.

Anyone thinking of owning a gorgeous Greyhound or if you would like to help to raise funds please visit  www.grwe.com or http://www.rgtperrybarr.co.uk/ to see all of the good work these charities do along with lots of beautiful Greyhound's needing a forever home.


I offer a full range of services, ranging from small to large breeds and everything in between.

I am always happy to offer you a no obligation quote,or simply to give advise so please contact me for more information.