£2.50 each including postage

Natural, handmade paw & nose balms made with natural beeswax, organic coconut oil and organic Shea butter and no nasty chemicals. These are ideal for soothing and protecting the skin and have a lovely moisturising property making them ideal for and area where dry skin mat be a problem. Presented in a wide range of gifts bags for all occasions.

        £1.50 each including postage

Hand made collar bows. Slide onto your pup's collar for a little something extra for that special occasion. Lots of designs available. Centres can be personalised to suit any occasion.

              Biscuit boxes £7 Deluxe pamper baskets £12 including P&P          

Biscuit boxes and deluxe pamper baskets available. 

Biscuit boxes contain a box full of small bone biscuits in either peanut butter & Banana, Carob & coconut or Oat & apple varieties. ( Can be a mix of all flavours if you'd like).

Deluxe pamper baskets contain a bottle each of Baby powder fragrance shampoo and baby powder pawfume, natural, handmade paw & nose balm, small bag of handmade doggy treats in any choice of the flavours above and a collar bow (Can be themed eg Happy Birthday, happy Gotcha day etc.) Presented in a beautiful heart shaped, natural palm leaf bowl which are made from naturally shed palm leaves and contain no coatings or additives. They can be reused and are fully compostable at the end of their lives making them very environmentally friendly.